In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to install a Cloudflare SSL certificate on a GoDaddy Linux Hosting plan with cPanel.

Why install an SSL Certificate from Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is one of the world’s largest networks and is an internet security company that is on a mission to build a better, secure and faster internet.

Installing an SSL certificate on your website can improve page load times, enhance security, and can even increase your website’s ranking in Search Engines.

Step 1: Add your Website to Cloudflare

Head over to sign-up, and create an account for your domain.

create cloudflare account to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

Next, add your website site domain, as shown below, and select an appropriate Cloudflare plan.

add website on cloudflare to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

After you have added your website domain on Cloudflare, you will be prompted to automatically import your existing DNS records from your current domain registrar/web hosting company, as illustrated below.

import dns records into cloudflare to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

Do a quick check of your DNS records and press continue to proceed.

Replace existing nameservers with Cloudflare nameservers

To avail the benefits of the Cloudflare SSL certificate, you will also have to update the nameservers at your domain registrar to resolve your domain’s DNS with Cloudflare’s nameservers.

In simpler terms, you will have to login to your GoDaddy account and replace GoDaddy nameservers with Cloudflare nameservers, which are displayed during the Cloudflare onboarding process, as shown here.

replace godaddy nameservers with cloudflare nameservers to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

Once in your GoDaddy account, navigate over to the domain that you wish to modify and click “Manage DNS”:

manage godaddy dns to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

Then Scroll down to the Nameservers settings and click change.

change nameservers on godaddy to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

Click on “Enter my own nameservers (advanced)”:

enter my own nameservers on godaddy to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

Now enter the nameservers that you have copied from your Cloudflare account:

add cloudflare nameservers on godaddy to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

Save the changes and press “Continue” to give consent to update the Nameservers for the domain you have selected.


Step 2: Enable Flexible SSL

At this stage, we recommend enabling Cloudflare’s Flexible SSL, which will start to encrypt traffic between users’ internet browsers and Cloudflare.

To do so, simply head over to the SSL/TLS settings in Cloudflare and make sure that your SSL/TLS encryption mode is “Flexible”:

enable flexible ssl on cloudflare to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

Additionally, we recommend enabling “Always Use HTTPS” feature in the Edge Certificates tab, so that all HTTP requests to your website will be redirected to the more secure HTTPS protocol.

enable always https on cloudflare to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

Step 3: Get Cloudflare Origin Certificate

Next, you will have to create a free TLS certificate signed by Cloudflare to install on your GoDaddy web hosting server.

To do this, go to the “Origin Server” tab under SSL/TLS settings and click on “Create Certificate”

install cloudflare origin certificate on godaddy to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

To generate a certificate for your origin server, you will first have to create a private key and a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

Select “Let Cloudflare generate a private key and a CSR” and set the “Private key type” to “RSA”, as illustrated here:

generate private key and csr rsa key to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

You should then list all the hostnames, including any wildcards if applicable, that you want the SSL certificate to protect.

list all the domains on which you want to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

We recommend adding “” and “*” at least if you want to secure all the subdomains in addition to the primary domain.

Adding “*” will also secure “” and all other subdomains.

Just remember to replace “” with your own domain!

Choose how long you want the certificate to be valid for and proceed to the next step.

choose ssl certificate validity to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

On the next window, your private key and the certificate will be displayed. Make sure that the “Key format” is set to “PEM (Default)” as shown in the screenshot below:

set key format to pem to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

Note: the Certificate file starts with “—–BEGIN CERTIFICATE—–” while the SSL Certificate Key File starts with “—–BEGIN PRIVATE KEY—–”

We recommend that you save the Certificate and the Key into two separate text documents and keep them somewhere safe.

Do not close the Cloudflare window yet as we will be using the Certificate and the Key soon.

Step 4: Install SSL Certificate on the Website

Next, login into your GoDaddy account and click on “Manage” next to your web hosting plan.

change linux web hosting settings to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

Click on “cPanel Admin” from the top right, as shown below.

install cloudflare ssl on godaddy via cpanel to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

Once in cPanel admin area, type in “ssl” into the search bar and click on “SSL/TLS” settings, as demonstrated here:

change ssl settings in godaddy cpanel to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

Now click on “Manage SSL sites”.

manage ssl sites on godaddy to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

Scroll down to the “Install an SSL website section” and select the domain which you want to install the SSL on from the dropdown menu, as demonstrated below:

install ssl certificate and key in godaddy to to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

Now copy the Origin Certificate from Cloudflare and paste it in the “Certificate: (CRT)” field, as shown in the image above.

Similarly, copy the Private Key from Cloudflare and paste it in the “Private Key (KEY)” field.

Scroll down and select “Install Certificate”. This should successfully install the SSL certificate on your website

However, if the SSL installation fails, you may need to add the Certificate Authority Bundle (CABUNDLE). 

For your convenience, we are posting it here as well:


Just copy the certificate from above and paste it into the Certificate Authority Bundle (CABUNDLE) field as shown and press “Install Certificate”:

how to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy

If the CABUNDLE posted above does not work, then you can get this from: Cloudflare Origin CA – RSA Root.

Upon successful installation of the SSL certificate, you will see a message confirming that the Cloudflare SSL certificate has been successfully installed on your GoDaddy website.


Step 5: Enable Full (Strict) SSL in Cloudflare

Now that the Origin Certificate has been installed on the server, we recommend that you enable Full (strict) SSL encryption to ensure end-to-end encryption on your website.

To do this, go to SSL/TLS settings in Cloudflare and select “Full (strict)” encryption mode in the “Overview” tab.

enable full strict ssl on cloudflare to install cloudflare ssl on godaddy


If you have correctly followed the steps above, data sent over your website server is now fully secured with the HTTPS protocol.

If you are having any troubles installing your SSL certificate, we would be more than happy to help. Simply use the contact us button below to reach us.

Need Help?

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  1. Thank you sooo much. This is what I was searching for last 3 days. Thank you sooo much.

    • You’re most welcome 🙂

  2. It is very valuable piece

    • Thank you! Hope that you found it valuable and helpful.

  3. Thanks! It works!

    • You’re most Welcome! 🙂

  4. With Godaddy managed wordpress, we cant access c-panel, then how can we install origin server certificate.

    • Hi Ashish.
      Unfortunately, it may not be possible to install Cloudflare origin server certificate on GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting plans at this time. If you do find a solution to this in the future, please do let us know!

  5. I followed all the steps exactly how you described.

    And now no browser can open my website.

    Chrome says ‘connection is not private’ and if I check the certificate, it says, ‘certificate is not valid’.

    Firefox says ‘Warming: Potential Security Risk Ahead’.

    Can I get get some more guidance /help here?

    Thank you very much!

    • Hi.

      These warnings indicate that you have not installed the SSL certificate correctly.

      It is unfortunate that you are experiencing this issue, and we are hoping that you have already solved this issue. If not, please let us know.

      • How can i change nameservers because my website is hosted on godaddy server. If I change nameservers, website stops working.

        • Hi Rajesh,

          Changing nameservers may temporarily cause your website to stop loading. It should not be a problem to change nameservers.


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