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Search Ads

Search Ads are displayed when users search for a product or service in Search Engines like Google.

Do you want your business to be found for certain keywords on the internet? 

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Yes, my business should show up in Search Engines for keywords relevant to my business.

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What is your business into?

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Previous SEO Campaigns

Has the website previously undergone any Search Engine Optimization process?

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Content Update

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Website Copywriting

A web page copy is the text that you read on web pages marketing a particular product or service. It provides details about what you have to offer and enables Search Engines like Google to help people find your products and services.

How many NEW pages of Copy are needed?

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Marketing Techniques

How do you plan to attract traffic to your website? Select ALL the marketing strategies that you plan to use.

Paid Advertising

Select this option if you plan to attract traffic through Paid Advertising on platforms like Google, Facebook, Bing, Instagram and LinkedIn etc. If you add this marketing strategy, you will have to pay for advertising costs to promote your website, products and services. Your website will instantly start to get traffic as soon as your advertising campaign starts running.

Search Engine Optimization

Select this option if you plan to attract traffic through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you add this marketing strategy, we will optimize your website to automatically appear in search results when a user searches for a product or service that you provide. Your website will appear in all search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu etc.

Other Marketing Techniques

Select this option if you plan to attract traffic through other marketing techniques such as paid advertisements in newspapers, TV ads, radio ads, billboard ads or other marketing techniques.

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Words per Page

How many words per page are required?

Based on the information you have provided, we recommend one of the following packages

Recommended Packages

300-500 Words per Page

600-1000 Words per Page

1100-1500 Words per Page

1600-2000 Words per Page

2100-2500 Words per Page

2600-3000 Words per Page

3100-3500 Words per Page

3600-4000 Words per Page

4100-4500 Words per Page

4600-5000 Words per Page

5100-5500 Words per Page

5600-6000 Words per Page

Please select ONE option only!

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Our SEO Services

Our SEO services include Research, Copywriting, On-Page SEO and Technical SEO by default. All our packages include other content marketing services as well including Structured Data Markup, which boosts the visibility of your website pages.

Keyword Research

First, we hunt for popular words and phrases that will make your website rank high in search engine results.


Next, we incorporate these words into captivating copies to allure your website visitors and to entice them to become your loyal customers.

On-Page SEO

We then embed these copies into elegantly designed web pages, and optimize these pages for your end users.

Technical SEO

In the end, we perform technical optimization to enable search engine bots like Google bots, to understand your website and include it in search results.

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Inquire about additional SEO Services

In addition to our core SEO services, we provide services like Local SEO, Voice SEO, Backlink Analysis, Competitive Analysis including competitor's backlink and keywords insights, Rank Tracking and much more. You can inquire about these services by making selections below.

One of our Marketing Experts will reach out to you to discuss more about your marketing needs.

You will not be charged for these services now.

Local SEO

Is your business confined to particular locations? An example of such a business would be a restaurant in New York City, which can only serve its local customers. If you are such a business, you will require Local SEO.

Voice SEO

All content that we create is optimized by default for voice search, and can be used by search engines like Google to answer questions asked by users. However, if you specifically want to create content to answer questions that other people are asking, you can select this option to learn more.

Rank Tracking

Need to know where you rank in search engines for different keywords? Rank Tracking is the answer! Simply click this button to learn more about how we can help you track your organic ranking in search engines like Google and Bing.

Competitor Insights

Ever thought of spying on your competitors? Now you can! With our help, you can discover their hidden marketing strategies, SEO secrets, backlink profiles and other tactics. Simply select this option and we will get back to you.

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