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Here are the top 5 reasons why you should buy for your tech business:

Ideal for Tech Gadget e-Commerce Stores is ideal for businesses or e-commerce websites (including affiliate and dropshipping stores) that sell tech gadgets like laptops, computers, mobile phones, smart watches etc.


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Ideal for Many Technology Businesses is also great for all businesses that buy or sell any kind of products and/or services related to technology. This includes online marketplaces.


High Value Keywords in Domain

The domain contains the two highly valuable keywords ‘tech’ and ‘market’, which have a very high search volume, and are very easy-to-remember English words.

Thus, in addition to being an outstanding brand name, the value of these keywords provides SEO advantages.

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    SEO Benefits

    Google treats the .me domain just like it treats the .com, .org, .net etc when it comes to SEO and ranking in Google Search.

    Combine that with ‘tech’ and ‘market’ and you have a super SEO-friendly domain.

      Very Popular

      The .me domain is one of the most popular domains in the world, especially in the United States, China and in the Middle East. Infact, despite being the ccTLD of Montenegro, many people think that the .me stands for Middle East!

      So if you are planning to launch your tech startup or e-commerce store in the United States, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates or in any of the other Middle Eastern countries, you may want to consider buying!


      the .me domain is very popular in the middle east

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