Divi Demo: A Demo of Divi Theme and Page Builder’s Best Features

This page has been created to supplement the material covered in our Divi review article. Here are some of the best features of the Divi Theme, in our opinion:

Divi Code Module Demo 

The Divi Code Module is also where you will have to enter the plugin shortcodes to enable certain plugins to run on your web page.

In short, the possibilities of the Divi Code Module are limited only by one’s imagination and knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Caweem loves the Code Module because

Divi Scroll Effects Demo

Here we shall demonstrate the following scroll effects as mentioned in our Divi review:

  • Horizontal Motion Effect (as demonstrated above in the Divi Scroll Effects Demo heading)
  • Blur Effect
  • Scale Effect
  • Fade Effect
  • Rotation Effect
  • Vertical Motion Effect

Now we will demonstrate a few other scroll effects to attract and retain your visitors attention.

Here, let’s first take a take a look at how the Blur Effect and the Scale Effect work.

As you’ll scroll down the page, our logo starts to scale up, while at the same time, everything else in the vicinity of our logo starts to get blurred.

See? This is how you grab attention!

Next, let’s see how you can grab attention with the Fade Effect.

As you scroll down the page, our logo images will enter with a fade.

The last Scroll Effect we are going to demonstrate is the Rotation Effect.

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divi review of divi templates using the library template for caweem
divi review of divi templates using the digital products template for caweem
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Overall Rating

5 stars

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