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We have helped other businesses like yours increase their Return on Investment (ROI) on Google Ads spend by over 500% by maximizing their revenue while minimizing their PPC (Pay-per-Click) cost.

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Search Engine Marketing Statistics

High Return on Investment


Businesses earn average of $ 2 in income for every $ 1 spent on Google Ads, according to Google, a 200% ROI

Get Higher Returns with Us


When we, at Caweem, manage your Google Ads, you can expect a ROI that is higher than 500%

Increased Click-Through Rate


Ads showing at the top in Search Engines have a high CTR that is 300% more than the average CTR 

Increased Website Traffic


Display advertising can increase website traffic by about 300%

Increase Brand Awareness


According to Google, Ads can help increase brand awareness by more than 80%

Influence Purchase Decisions


Advertisements encourage more than 90% of consumers to make a purchase

Be Found


Paid Search Ads help more than 75% of consumers find the information they are looking for  

Most people are fine with ads


More than 60% of online consumers will click a Google Ad

High Conversion Rates


PPC visitors are 50% more likely to make a purchase than organic visitors

Small Businesses need PPC


More than 70% of small businesses run PPC campaigns

Attract Commercial Searches 


Paid ads get 65% of all clicks when a user needs to buy a product online 

Get more Clicks


More than 40% of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads in search results

Why Caweem PPC Management

Maximum Return on Investment

Your Return on Investment (ROI) means the world to us, and in order to maximize your ROI, we meticulously create brilliant advertising campaigns for all our clients using our well-established and precise ad targeting techniques.

Google Ads Certified Professionals

All our digital marketing experts are Google Ads Certified, and have been trained by Google to help you run successful marketing campaigns. We have Google certifications in Search Ads, Shopping Ads, Display Ads and Video Ads. 

Transparent Pricing & Customized Plans

In the pursuit of becoming the best PPC agency, we have designed a PPC pricing calculator to ensure that our PPC management pricing remains transparent. This tool also helps us create unique PPC campaigns based on objectives defined by our clients.

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